20+ New Hindu God DP [2023]

Best God DP collections for Hindu God for true devotees. Scroll through our collection of God DP that suits your heart.

God Ganesh DP

God Ganesh sitting on a giant sofa with his leg over another happy and blessing us. He is wearing orange, red, and gold mixed cloth.
Lord Ganesh sitting on an animal travelling through the clouds in the blue sky.
The eye-catching appearance of Ganesh Ji is designed for all. He is wearing blue cloth, laddu on his left hand, blessing us with his right hand, instruments and weapons on his other hands.
A cute appearance of God Ganesh in cartoon style especially for kids and youth. He is wearing yellow cloth, a laddo on his left hand and a blessing with his other hand.

God Ram DP

Shree Ram standing inside the temple blessing us and Wepon is on the other hand.
Two ancient Gods Ram and Sita standing in haven and blessing us.
Lord Rama returned from battle field with flying colours(victory).

God Shiva DP

Lord Shiva is in a stage of meditation moon on the back and shivling right in front of him.
God shiv is angry and showing "shiv tandava"(dancing).
A statue of Mahadev (baba) in the mountains sitting padmasana captured during sunrise.

God Krishna DP

All blue portrait of lord Krishna drawing.
Lord Krishna with deep melody and his fluet along with his cow in the dark night.
Lord Radha and Krishna stand close to each other controlling the galaxy.
A creative blue and yellow colour circular scatch of lord krishna on white background.

God Hanuman DP

Lord Hanuman ji's body colour is brown, sitting in singhasan and blessing us.
Lord Hanuman Panchamukhi HD with white body, sitting in singhasan and blessing us.
Lord Hanuman Panchamukhi HD with brown body waiting outside Ram Mandir.
God Ram and Hanuman hugging in the field with love and affection.
An angry image of lord hanuman, body full of red and big eyes.

Bonus God DP

An ancient image of Hanuman bhakti to God Ram and Sita.
An ancient image of Hanuman bhakti to God Ram, Sita and Laxman inside a temple.
God Laxmi Mata sitting on a pink lotus and showering blessings in the form of gold, diamond, money, etc.
A red symbol of om on an orange background.


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